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Your step-by-step guide to how RSB can help with your NDIS success

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the Federal Government’s way of providing individualised support for people with permanent disability. With the NDIS, you will have more choice and control over the support and services you receive and have far greater say in how you live your life.

The RSB is committed to supporting people who are blind or vision impaired. We provide a wide range of specialist skilled staff who understand the unique challenges relating to vision loss. The RSB is knowledgeable, innovative, and responsive to your individual needs. You can be confident that we will continue to provide access to the skills and services you need to remain independent and an integral part of the community.

Support services that are funded by the NDIS aim to help you reach your goals, objectives and aspirations in a range of areas. These aim to help you to increase your independence, increase social and economic participation and develop your capacity to actively take part in the community. The NDIS will pay for supports that are related to your disability and are required for you to live what they consider an ordinary life and to achieve your goals.

The types of support the NDIS may fund include:

  • Independent living services, to help you maintain your lifestyle, and strategies to assist you with cooking, cleaning, and safety around your home
  • Transport to enable your participation in community, social, economic and daily life activities
  • Workplace assistance for you to successfully obtain or maintain employment
  • Counselling and support services to help you and your family discuss and adapt to your vision loss
  • The purchase and training of equipment, aids and adaptive technology
  • Home assessments and modifications, including tactile marking and changes to lighting
  • Health and wellness activities, such as sports, cooking, craft, travel and exercise groups
  • Print alternative services to provide material in a variety of accessible formats – Braille, large print, or audio
  • Mobility equipment and training, including white cane and adaptive technology, or a guide dog.

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