Living with Low Vision

The RSB’s Independent Living Services provide people with vision loss with the necessary skills, equipment and strategies to live life as safely and as independently as possible.

The RSB has a team of trained Allied Health Professionals who can assess the needs of people with vision loss, and make appropriate recommendations and teach them how to use a range of aids and techniques to assist them better manage everyday activities such as meal preparation, house cleaning, washing, ironing, personal grooming, gardening, and money management.

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For further information about Living with Low Vision and how the RSB’s range of Services can assist, call 1300 944 306 or email

Services Include

The RSB has Australia’s largest range of adaptive technology to assist people who are blind or vision impaired. From new technology such as smart speakers, to tried and tested products such as magnifiers, large button phones, liquid level finders and talking watches, clocks and scales, the RSB can assist you to find solutions to enhance your life.

Training is also available to unlock the potential of iPhones, iPads or Androids, along with specialist apps that can support you to maintain independence.

The RSB offers a range of services to our younger clients and their families. Tailored support programs include family counselling, leaving school assistance, social support and health and wellness programs, incorporating activities such as blind cricket, tandem cycling and gym program. Please contact our Customer First Team to learn more about these programs, phone 1300 944 306.

The RSB has a team of specially trained Counsellors, who assist people who are blind or vision impaired to accept and adjust to their vision loss. Counselling is also available to the families of people who have experienced vision loss, to provide them with an awareness and understanding of the functional and emotional impact of that person’s vision loss.

RSB’s Occupational Therapist’s can help individuals with vision loss or other disabilities gain the skills, equipment and strategies to continue living their life to the fullest. An Occupational Therapist can work with people of all ages who have physical, sensory, or cognitive difficulties. Occupational Therapist’s assess individuals in their home, school or work place and work together to increase independence in daily activities that are meaningful to them. Occupational Therapists can assist a person with vision impairment or other disabilities to learn new ways to perform everyday activities such as meal preparation, reading, writing, using appliances in the home, personal care, gardening and so much more.

RSB’s Orientation and Mobility Services enable people with vision loss to independently travel throughout the community with safety and confidence, including the use of public transport.

RSB’s counselling team can link a person who has recently lost their vision into an RSB Peer Support Group which provides an opportunity to meet other people with a vision loss, discuss issues related to vision, gain knowledge and understanding through peer support and from guest speakers and share common experiences.

The RSB offers a personalised service to maintain the health and wellness of people who are blind or vision impaired, either at home or in a community setting. This includes integration into mainstream activities and involvement in activities specifically for people who are blind or vision impaired. View March timetable

Please refer to our Guide and Assistance Dog page to learn more about our programs and if a Guide or Assistance Dog might be an option for you or a loved one.

Most people are devastated after they have been told that they are blind or have vision loss and have concerns about how they will cope

Participating in RSB Social Support programs give people who are blind or have low vision the chance to meet others who understand how they feel, share experiences and ways to cope. Partners, carers and family members are also welcome to attend.

The RSB offers a range of social support programs, from telephone peer support, to formal counselling to social and recreations programs.

RSB Volunteer Services provide a range of volunteer support that assists people living with blindness of vision loss.

This can  include direct assistance with:

  • Transport
  • Visiting
  • Correspondence
  • Shopping
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Community Support Group

To find out more about accessing our Volunteer Services contact our Customer First Team on 1300 944 306 or email

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