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RSB Guide Dog Service

Provides RSB Guide Dogs to people with a severe vision impairment to assist them to travel confidently and independently in the community.

International Guide Dog Federation

What can you do together with your RSB Guide Dog?

When you have completed training with your RSB Guide Dog you will be able to:

  • Avoid overhead obstacles
  • Avoid obstacles on footpaths
  • Find doors, steps and kerbs
  • With orientation, find destinations of importance to you such as work, shops, and bus stops

RSB Guide Dogs are legally entitled to travel anywhere, including public transport, taxis and all public places (excluding the zoo and some hospital areas).

How do I find out more about applying for an RSB Guide Dog?

Enquiry: Please call the RSB Guide Dog Service and speak with an RSB Guide Dog Mobility Instructor who will talk you through the process and answer any questions. To proceed with your application you will need to become an RSB client.

Assessment: Applicants undergo an initial assessment with an RSB Mobility Instructor. They will discuss with you, your current mobility skills and level of need.

The matching process: Suitable applicants then enter the process of being matched with the most compatible RSB Guide Dog.

Training: Once an applicant is matched with a compatible RSB Guide Dog, they undergo an intensive training program.

After Care: On completion of the successful training program with an RSB Guide Dog, the RSB Guide Dog Service will be on hand to provide ongoing support.

How can I support the RSB Guide Dog Service?

It costs in excess of $30,000 to breed and train each RSB Guide Dog and the RSB Guide Dog Service. You can help in many ways:

How do I find out more?

To find out more information, or to apply for an RSB Guide Dog, contact:

RSB Guide Dog Service Manager, Lindy Hennekam
11 Blacks Road, Gilles Plains, Adelaide, South Australia 5086
Phone: 08 8417 5656
Fax: 08 8266 4194
Mobile: 0487 200 160