Orientation & Mobility

For more information about our Orientation and Mobility Services contact your local RSB Office, call our services hotline on 1300 944 306 or send us a message by clicking here.

Vision loss may cause a loss of confidence and reduced ability to get around safely when you are not able to drive a car.

Are you finding it challenging to:

  • Get to the shops
  • Cross the road safely
  • Use public transport
  • Manage kerbs and steps
  • Find your way around an unfamiliar environment?

The RSB can teach safe and effective travel skills to people of all ages to allow you to move around independently within your home or in the community.

We can provide strategies and training to:

  • Make the most of your remaining vision
  • Avoid obstacles and hazards
  • Help you get around safely at home, at work or at school
  • Get to know new travel routes
  • Help to prevent falls
  • Improve your confidence when getting around with other people by accessing sighted guide training
  • Use your other senses, particularly touch, hearing and smell
  • Use mobility aids such as a white cane or an electronic aid
  • Cross the road safely
  • Use public transport confidently
  • Ensure your environment is accessible

You may also want to consider accessing our Adaptive Technology Services for assistance with using Apps and GPS systems to help you navigate or consider if accessing a RSB Guide Dog would suit your needs.

Everyone is different with what they want to do in their life, so our Orientation and Mobility staff can meet with you and discuss how to meet your individual needs and goals.