RSB Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

At the RSB, we can help with ideas and strategies to allow you to do things as independently and safely as possible. Sometimes it is about learning to do things differently or maybe using a low vision aid to assist with a task.

Whether it is inside your home or outside in the garden, sometimes simple modifications such as grab rails, larger steps, magnetic door catches and better lighting can make life easier.

Occupational Therapists (OT’s) can meet with you in your home, workplace or school to discuss any challenges and can offer individualised solutions to make life easier.

We can assist with:

  • Magnification to assist with reading
  • Large print options for recipes and phone numbers
  • Tactile marking on appliances
  • Low vision aids such as talking products
  • Selecting the most appropriate technology such as mobile phones and electronic magnification
  • Strategies to help you complete daily tasks such as choosing clothing and cooking.
  • Maximising lighting within your home, workplace or school.


Falls Prevention

We can work with you to minimise your risk of falls in your home or community by recommending simple changes. These might involve clearing walkways, removing hazards, improving lighting or adding contrasting colours to the environment. Home modifications can also increase home safety, such as grab rails, bannister rails or ramps.

Workplace Assessments

OT’s can work with RSB Employment Services to assess your workplace environment and suggest lighting options and appropriate technology. Please contact us if you are worried about losing your job due to your declining vision or if you are starting a new job.


Occupational Therapy services can assist people of all ages, for more information about our Occupational Therapy Services contact your local RSB Office, call our services hotline on 1800 675 554 or send us a message by clicking here