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Federal Minister for Social Services The Hon. Dan Tehan

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Not Happy Dan

After a national review of services, the Federal Department of Social Services has decided to consolidate contractors approved to provide Print Disability Services from four providers down to just two, both of whom are based interstate.

Asking people who are blind or living with low vision to contact an interstate agency, gain an approval to receive service, and then write to the agency with the materials they need to get translated into Braille, Large Print, eText or Audio is not practical, is time consuming, costly and for many will simply be too hard.

In addition many effected RSB clients will need to go through a new process with the new agency to prove they have a print disability. This may involve having to get refreshed medical evidence of their condition a process that can take considerable time and effort given the waiting times for specialist appointments.

We are asking concerned clients, their families and the broader South Australian community to express their concerns with this decision by completing the petition below, or making contact with the Federal Minister, your Federal Member or key South Australian members using the following details.

When you click on the emails below depending on your firewall and email system you should have an option to send a pre-populated email, please consider maximising your impact by adding a personal message and make sure you add your full name and address to the email.

Step 1 - Contact the office of the Federal Minister for Social Services

The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Phone (02) 6277 7560

Step 2 - Express your concerns to your local Federal Member (please note Mayo has no sitting member at present)

Adelaide Electorate
The Hon. Kate Ellis MP
Phone:  (08) 8269 2433

Barker Electorate
The Hon. Tony Pasin MP
Phone:   (08) 8724 7730

Boothby Electorate
The Hon. Nicolle Flint MP
Phone:   (08) 8374 0511

Grey Electorate
The Hon. Rowan Ramsey MP
Phone:   (08) 8633 1744

Hindmarsh Electorate
The Hon. Steve Georganas  MP
Phone   (08) 8376 9000
Kingston Electorate

The Hon. Amanda Rishworth MP


Phone (08) 8186 2588

Makin Electorate

The Hon. Tony Zappia MP


Phone (08) 8265 3100

Port Adelaide Electorate

The Hon. Mark Butler  MP


Phone (08) 8241 0190

Sturt Electorate

The Hon. Christopher Pyne MP


Phone (08) 8431 2277

Wakefield Electorate

The Hon. Nick Champion  MP


Phone (08) 8284 2422

Step 3 - Remind key South Australian Members that it is South Australians who are specifically disadvantaged by this decision.

The Premier of South Australia

The Hon. Steven Marshall MP


Phone (08) 8463 3166

Minister for Human Services

The Hon. Michelle Lensink MP


Phone (08) 8463 6560

Step 4 - Please also complete the petition below