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RSB to provide technology training to help break down barriers

Thanks to a Commonwealth Home Support Programme grant, The Royal Society for the Blind is now providing free assistive technology literacy training across South Australia.

The RSB “Talk Through Tech” programme is available to eligible CHSP funded older Australians who have a vision impairment, are experiencing language barriers or have an Aboriginal and Torres Islander background. 

The first phase of the program demonstrates how you can increase your social participation and access to what is happening in your community, by providing instruction on how to unlock the full potential of Android and iOS devices (iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Android tablets etc.). It doesn’t matter if you don’t currently own one of these devices, as they will be available for you to trial during group training sessions.

Phase two of the program will allow participants living in a rural or remote location to access interim low-level services such as Counselling, Orientation and Mobility Instruction and Occupational Therapy, via these Android and iOS devices. This will  greatly reduce waiting times and help you to maintain your independence and safety until the next planned service visit to your region.

The RSB Talk Through Tech programme is all about showing you how simple it can be to use these devices to broaden your horizons and access a whole new world of opportunities.

To find out more about the RSB Talk Through Tech programme, call 1300 944 306