Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People Employment Program

Jobs in Jeopardy Program

The RSB’s Job in Jeopardy program can assist people who are at risk of losing their employment due to vision loss. The program offers support to individuals who are self-employed and also provides a range of services for employers looking to support their staff and colleagues who are at risk of losing their jobs due to vision loss.

Services provided

Workplace Assistance

  • Assessment to determine the level of support, equipment and software required to help you maintain your employment 
  • Workplace assessment 
  • Purchase and installation of recommended equipment 
  • Training in the use of specialist equipment 
  • Staff Awareness Training covering vision loss and eye conditions 
  • Equipment available for loan to address immediate needs

RSB Brochure: Is your vision affecting you at work? (PDF 150KB)
RSB Brochure: Is your vision affecting you at work? (Word 28KB)


Knapman House, 230 Pirie Street, Adelaide.


Individuals are able to approach RSB Employment Services directly or seek a referral from Centrelink
For more information please contact the RSB Employment Services on 8417 5599 or email employmentservices@rsb.org.au

Please note, RSB Employment Services is for people who are blind or vision impaired.

If you have an enquiry, or application for a job vacancy at the RSB, please send to recruitment@rsb.org.au

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