Bequest / Gift In Will

Leave a gift. Create a legacy.

Leaving a gift in your will, or a bequest, as a legacy to RSB is an opportunity to make an enduring impact on the lives of others, those that have suffered from vision loss.

RSB will use your gift to continue to support the vision loss community through providing services, programs and products that can enable the vision loss community to live well, independent, and empowered.

A gift left to the RSB is an investment in a better community.

Elderly lady standing in front of greenery.

Theresa’s Story

My husband and I have always supported the Royal Society for the Blind. The work they do, the people they help and the way they do it, and those wonderful guide dogs.We have been fortunate in our lives, and we have made several major gifts to help RSB with various projects, and we didn’t hesitate when we made our wills to further gift the RSB. 137 years of outstanding community service deserves support.

If you would like to know more about how you can leave a gift in your will to RSB please contact us on 1300 944 306 for a confidential discussion, or

Some Guidelines

If you already have a Will, it is very important to keep it up to date. Changes in your personal circumstances may require you to amend your Will.

The wording of your Will needs to be very clear and precise.  It’s recommended you consult a Solicitor or Trustee company so that your Will is not open to misinterpretation and truly reflects your wishes.

If you have already made a Will and would like to now leave a gift to the RSB, simply contact your solicitor to add a Codicil to your Will, which will ensure you wishes are fulfilled.

Click here to download the recommended RSB Will wording for bequests/legacies document which provides examples on how to correctly word these gifts in your Will.