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Would you like to talk to someone about how you are feeling?

Vision Loss is a significant change in a person’s life. Some people experience feelings of grief, loss and other emotional and psychological changes. At the RSB we have a team of specially trained Counsellors who can assist you and your family.

We can support you with:

  • Making plans for the future
  • Adjusting to your vision loss
  • Feeling Independent and in control
  • Developing strategies to accommodate a change of role in your life
  • Accessing funding and information such as the Blind Disability Support Pension

Some people may also experience complex visual images hallucinations, this could be Charles Bonnet Syndrome. We provide support and information for people experiencing this condition.

In addition to supporting the person experiencing blindness or vision loss, our counselling service provides information for family about the vision loss being experiences and how they can help.

RSB counselling services can be provided in your home, via the telephone, using Skype or you can visit your nearest RSB office. For a full list of locations click here.