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Client Advisory Committee

The RSB Client Advisory Committee (CAC) is a subcommittee of the RSB Board, established under the Constitution of the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) to assist the Board of Management in:

  • Monitoring the provision of services to RSB clients
  • Provide advice and suggestions to assist Management to formulate the Strategic Plan
  • Advise on the relevance of service provision, and
  • Assisting with research projects
The committee consists of one RSB Director nominated by the Board, who will act as Chair, and eight RSB clients and conducts at least three meetings annually.

RSB clients invited to participate will comprise of persons representative of the range of services provided by the Society as well as representation from rural locations. Members will also have an appropriate spread of age and gender balance and where possible each person will have received a service from one of the RSB service areas (e.g. Guide Dogs, Mobility, Adaptive Technology, Occupational Therapy, Health and Wellness, Volunteer services etc).

Committee Chairperson

Barry Clarke

Executive Officer

Tony Starkey


Jed Alexander

Peter Aspinal

Vicki Cousens

Cuong Duong

Di Horrocks

Michael Hutchison

Connie Miari

Tony Wright

Contacting the committee

You can contact the committee members to provide feedback on RSB services using the webform below. In the form you will have the option to address your comments directly to a specific committee member or to the committee in general. Please note the committee is not the correct forum for general feedback and complaints, the committee's charter is based on looking at high level strategic issues regarding services.

If you wish to make a comment or complaint specific to your personal circumstances please visit our feedback and complaints page.

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