Child and Youth Services

Child and Youth Services

The RSB offers a comprehensive range of services to assist children who are blind or vision impaired, between the ages of 0-18 years. The services are individually tailored to meet the changing physical and psychological needs of this client group. These services include:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy assists children to achieve their developmental milestones. Our experienced Occupational Therapists will identify goals to enable children to participate in daily activities and social opportunities. Skills Include; the development of play, fine and gross motor, self-care, and independent living skills.RSB Occupational Therapist also provide support in home modifications and specialist equipment assesment and prescription.

Orientation and Mobility Training

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Training can help children to move safely at home and within the community. O&M assists to the child to learn skills to be a safe and efficient independent traveller.

Health and Wellness

Provides opportunities for children to develop physical fitness through individual and team sports. Inclusion in community based activities and clubs, as well as activities specifically for individuals who are blind or vision impaired. Activities include; blind cricket, tandem cycling, goal ball, and gym programs.

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive Technology assists children and families in the use of adaptive technology and specialised equipment. Provide assessment, advice and training in the use of specialised equipment, including adaptive software and electronic magnification. Our team is also able to complete specialist assesments for funding from the NDIS.

Leaving School Program

This program assists students over the age of 14 years to plan and prepare for their future. The RSB offers assistance with career planning, work experience placements, job application assistance, resume writing, interview skills, and information on funding for technology to assist them in the workforce.

RSB Guide Dog Service

RSB Guide Dog Service hosts an annual ‘come and try an RSB Guide Dog’ weekend camp called K94U2C. The purpose is to provide a range of Guide Dog handler related experiences so teens might begin to consider an RSB Guide Dog as a mobility aid in the future. It is a fun, social opportunity enabling participants to make new friendships.

Family Support / Counselling

Family Support can assist families adjust to and understand the impact of a visual impairment for their child. Support is available to help to work through any issues related to the vision impairment, and set goals for the future, with an Individual Service Plan.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention addresses the special needs of children birth-6 years of age with a vision impairment or blindness.

Events and Social Engagement

Our program of special events and social activities allows children and youth living with blindness and vision loss access to activities and special events where they can learn new skills, engage with other people with similar vision loss, engage with RSB staff and have a lot of fun. To find out about our latest Child and Youth Events click here.

Children's University Adelaide 

The RSB is proud to announce we are now a learning destination as part of the Children’s University Adelaide. Learning destinations are an essential part of the program providing unique and engaging experiences and activities. The Children's University caters to children aged between 7 and 14 years and also offers volunteering opportunities for 15-18 year olds, their achievements are then recognised through the award of formal certificates and graduations. All RSB activities will be available on the Children’s University website, to read more click here:

Please contact the Child and Youth Services Coordinator on 1300 944 306 for further information or visit our events page: Click Here