Child and Youth Events and Social Engagement

A group of RSB Child and Youth clients with two RSB staff members at an event

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Child and Youth Events and Social Engagement

Our program of special events and social activities allows children and youth living with blindness and vision loss access to activities and special events where they can learn new skills, engage with other people with similar vision loss, engage with RSB staff and have a lot of fun.


Visit the Adelaide Museum!

We are planning an exciting excursion at the Adelaide Museum on the 10th of July from 10:00am to 2:00pm (includes a lunch break).


Tour the South Australian Museum and experience the collections through audio description and tactile handling. Explore cutting-edge 3D models and discover how museums create their displays.

You will meet the Museum’s taxidermist and model-maker, Jo Bain, and get a chance to try your hands at making 3D objects, inspired by some of the curious creatures on display at the Museum.

Event open to all clients as well as friends or siblings.

Participants will have to either bring their own lunch or buy it at the Museum cafeteria.

For RSB clients: $109.80 for the support group from NDIS plan
For friends/siblings: Free

Please note that there is a limited number of tickets available for this event.


Yoga and Meditation Class - Come and Try!

Attend the first Yoga and Meditation class on the Friday 12th of July for a Come and Try session from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.


During this session you will meet with Carmel, a qualified kids’ yoga instructor, who will present this fun and accessible program. You will also experience a full yoga session and understand how yoga and meditation can become a great tool for your daily life.

If you require an extra support, the RSB can supply you with a one-on-one support worker during each session.

Meet at the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, 20 Chapel Street North Adelaide, at 1:45pm.

A weekly Yoga session will be delivered during the next school term, the starting date will be negotiated with all participants during the Come and Try session.

The first Come and Try session is free of charge


Let’s Cook – 2nd Session

Attend our second workshop on Thursday 18th of July from 1:30pm to 3:30pm and learn how to prepare cupcakes and protein balls.


Become familiar with the use of low vison products for cooking and meet with other RSB clients. You will also go home with your culinary achievement as well as a lot of tips and recipes.

Meet at our Knapman House office, 230 Pirie St, Adelaide, at 1.30 pm.

Parents are welcome for an afternoon tea from 3:30pm to 5:00pm to sample some of our homemade sweets.

For RSB clients: $44.82 for the support group from NDIS plan
Plus $5 for the cost of food
Please bring the $5.00 on the day for contribution to the food cost.


Creating a positive experience online for all Australian families.

Our children are using the internet daily to connect with each other and the world around them. It is important to empower students to make healthy and informed choices, to look after their digital reputation and keep themselves and others safe while navigating the internet and apps. The Online Safety for Parents Seminar is presented by Sonya Ryan, CEO of The Carly Ryan Foundation Inc.

The presentation explores:

  • Online Safety
  • Opportunities vs risks
  • Privacy settings
  • Awareness
  • Managing self
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Critical thinking
  • Understanding the law
  • Image based abuse
  • Respectful relationships
  • Communication
  • Practical guidance
  • Connection to support services


Parent Seminar
Thursday 4th of July at 6:00pm – 8:30pm
230 Pirie Street, Adelaide 5000
Open to parents/caregivers only  

Student Seminar
Thursday 11th of July at 2:30pm- 4:30pm
230 Pirie Street, Adelaide 5000
Children 13-years-old and over are welcome to attend

The seminar is FREE, however donations for the Carly Ryan Foundation are encouraged.

Bookings are essential either by phone on 1300 944 306 or on our website:

For information or to register contact Maelle Milan on 1300 944 306 or email

Please note that if you want to use your NDIS funding for these activities, you must provide a copy of your current plan.