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BindiMaps Wayfinding App


Change the way you navigate unfamiliar indoor spaces with BindiMaps.

The Adelaide Central Market Authority is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) for the launch of BindiMaps, an app that will change the way vision impaired customers navigate through the Market. 

The Market is the first retail environment in South Australia to offer the new technology that locates users precisely in indoor spaces and guides them to their destination. 

The program uses a simple audio system to describe where users are and what’s around them, finding the best way to get to their chosen destination. 

Adelaide Central Market Authority General Manager Jodie Kannane said the partnership was an incredibly exciting project, improving the accessibility, independence and safe travel for customers and the Market community alike. 

“Our partnership with the Royal Society for the Blind and BindiMaps will mean vision impaired South Australian’s will have a better customer experience with the help of an effective wayfinding system,” Ms Kannane said. “We are very excited to improve the accessibility of our Market and give more people the opportunity to visit.” 

The Royal Society for the Blind Executive Manager, Marketing & Fundraising Darrin Johnson said the RSB assists Australians living with vision impairment to participate independently in the community. 

“There is an estimated 20,000 people living in South Australia with profound vision loss and this number is rising with an ageing population,” Mr Johnson said. “The BindiMaps app will enable people with vision loss, from profound to minor, to move freely around the Market.”  

RSB ambassador and recording artist Rachael Leahcar said the app will continue to empower and help others like herself to live their lives to the fullest.  

“BindiMaps will empower people like me to push themselves further and give us access to spaces that would otherwise be difficult to reach.” Ms Leahcar said. 

The app has been installed by Bindi Maps and supported by Accessibility staff at the RSB and testing of the app has been carried out by multiple blind and vision impaired staff at RSB as well as RSB’s accessibility team. 

BindiMaps was officially launched in South Australia on Tuesday 15 October 2019, to coincide with White Cane Safety Day. Bindi Maps is available to download through the App Store.

Download the App from the App Store


For information on how your venue could use BindiMaps call 1300 944 306

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