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Portable Magnification

Portable Magnifiers are pocket size light weight versatile electronic magnifiers. They are easy to carry wherever you go. They offer a range of magnification and a variety of contrasts such as colour, black and white and reverse contrast. Most models have a built-in rechargeable long life battery.

Amigo - Enhanced Vision

The Amigo weighs approximately 500 gm and a zoom range of 3.5x to 14x The viewing screen is approximately 16.5 cm and tilts for optimal viewing. It has 6 viewing modes including 2 colour options. It has a freeze frames feature. Removable standard battery with internal charger including a spare battery. It comes with 2 year warranty.
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Compact+ - Quantum RLV

The Compact + has a zoom range of 5 x to 10 x. It has six viewing modes including one which is ideal for magnifying displays such as a mobile phone screen. An integrated writing function. The battery life is around 2 hrs 45 mins.
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miniMAX - Quantum RLV

Easy to use, lightweight magnifier. Great for reading on the go. 
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The MaxLupe portable electronic magnifier weighs 700g and has a 5.8” flat screen. It magnifies from 3x to 25x. It has an integrated writing stand and a tilting flat screen.
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Pebble – Enhanced Vision

Pebble’s small lightweight design makes it an ultra-portable pocket magnifier. Magnification is 2x to 10x with six viewing modes. Choose from 3.5” or 4.3” high resolution LCD. Freeze image feature and foldable and adjustable telescopic handle. More than two hours battery life. On/Off light option for reduced glare.
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Pico – Telesensory

The Pico has a zoom range of 3x to 11x. The colour LCD display is 10.6cm and weighs approximately 28 grams. It has three illumination options. The battery life is approximately 1.25 hours and the charge time is two hours.
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Sapphire hand held magnifier

The battery-operated Sapphire hand held magnifier offers from 3.4 to 16 times magnification on a bright, high-contrast display screen. A sliding magnification bar makes it easy to adjust. The Sapphire sits flat for document reading and can be flipped over to magnify three-dimensional objects. It offers a built-in writing stand. The Sapphire can also be connected with a video cable to your TV.
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SenseView range of magnifiers - Pacific Vision

The SenseView range of hand held magnifiers offer compact size, large depth of field camera, various colour modes, and image capture.
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Smartview Versa – Humanware

The SmartView Versa has a 4.3” wide screen with 5x to 15x magnification and multiple contrast modes.
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Smartview Pocket – Humanware

The Smartview Pocket is a small lightweight magnifier with large intuitive buttons. The magnification range is 3x to 9x with four viewing modes.
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Strix - FOCI BV

The Strix has 4x to 20 x magnification range and a range of colour modes. It has an integrated 7” TFT display and an autofocus camera. The Strix has a far vision feature. It weighs 1 kg and the battery life is approximately 2.5 – 3 hours.
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Ruby – Freedom Scientific - Pacific Vision

The Ruby offers a 4.3 inch screen, fold-away handle and five modes and freeze frame feature. It uses 4 AAA rechargeable batteries. It also works with disposable batteries.
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M32 Portable Video Magnifier

The M32 offers magnification 3.5 to 18 x on a LCD 4.3” screen. It has 6 contrast-colour modes, image-freeze function and is colour, zoom adjustable when frozen.
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Compact 5 HD – Optelec – Quantum RLV

The Compact 5 HD offers two different ergonomic reading positions. In high definition, you can now red from glossy magazines, letters and price tags in the widest magnification range available starting at 1.5 times the original size to 18 times zoom. It has a 5” widescreen and a large icon menu.
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