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Electronic Magnification

Electronic magnifiers (EM’s) are sometimes called Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV’s) or Video Magnifiers. A camera captures an image and this is displayed on a built-in monitor, a TV or a computer monitor. The magnification can be adjusted to suit your needs.

ClearView+  - Quantum RLV

The ClearView range of electronic magnifiers has a magnification range between 3x and 57x.  The ClearView + will remember your last viewing setting after being turned off. The integrated Flat Panel monitor arm allows for the display to be lowered to a height for optimal viewing and comfort.
ClearView+ HD
Features colour in High Definition (HD)
ClearView+ Spectrum – colour
Features high contrast black on white or white on black and full colour
The ClearView+
Features high contrast black on white or white on black
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DaVinci HD magnifier with OCR - Enhanced Vision

The DaVinci is a high performance desktop magnifier featuring HD, text-to-speech (OCR) and a 3-in-1 camera allowing you to see near, far and self-view. For more information visit the website -

Merlin with LCD - Enhanced Vision

The Merlin LCD screen pivots vertically and horizontally. It has 7 viewing modes and up to 2.4 to 77 X magnification. It also offers 28 custom programmable colour select options and a variety of LCD monitors.
The unit comes fully assembled with a 3 year warranty.
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SmartView Synergy – Humanware

The Synergy offers the controls conveniently located under the display. It has 16 enhanced contrast modes and is available with a 19” flat LCD or 22” widescreen monitor. It also has a page locator light. The monitor can be adjusted up and down, swivel left and right and tilt forward and backward.
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Topaz - Pacific Vision

The Topaz has a large moveable reading table and a range of LCD monitors that can be raised, lowered and swivel 180º from side to side. It also offers Freeze Frame.   
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COLOURAMA Electronic Magnifier

The basic model has five controls. At minimum magnification an A4 page can be read without moving the tray. The Colourama magnifies text from 1.7 to 80 times, with a 22” widescreen monitor. The model also includes automatic focus with focus lock and text-thickness control.
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MEZZO Electronic Magnifier

The Mezzo is a compact electronic magnifier. It can be operated on a mains power supply or without connection using it’s built in battery. The optional mobility package includes a carrier bag with strap and rechargeable battery. It has 6 colour selections, optional lighting on/off, automatic colour saturation and windowing an line marker.
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The MagniLink Vision (MLV) is an electronic magnifier which is available in several models. All models have the same structure with a reading table. The camera is available as High Resolution (HR) or High definition (HD). The panel is equipped wither with push buttons or turn knobs which control different features.
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