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Braille Cellding a Braille book.

Braille Training

Braille is a specialized system for writing and reading used by vision-impaired and totally blind people. The entire system is based on the domino-six shaped “cell” as shown below on the right. 

There are two grades of Braille:

  • Grade 1 (uncontracted) - comprises the alphabet. 
  • Grade 2 (contracted) - Some clients find that learning the alphabet is sufficient for their needs and do not proceed to learn grade 2 (contracted). 

Grade 2 (contracted) teaches the student the other dot-patterns (in addition to the alphabet) which represent groups of letters or whole words. With this knowledge, reading commercially produced Braille books becomes possible.  

Our Braille Trainer is using the Unified English Braille Code as the basis for the lessons which is now the standard Braille Code used in Australia. 

Advantages of Braille

The advantage of learning Braille for a person with significant vision impairment are many - from the basics of labelling household items in Braille in uncontracted form to reading books in contracted Braille.  

Braille training is provided in our Adaptive Technology Centre at 230 Pirie Street, Adelaide and also at the RSB's Smithfield and Noarlunga offices, however if these locations are not convenient, other arrangements including lessons by correspondence may be organised. 

Lessons are usually held weekly for approximately 1 hour and the length of time to complete a full Braille Course is between 9 and 12 months.


For more information contact the ATC on (08) 8417 5599